I’m passionate  accompany persons back «home»: we activate transformational processes to start again, with happiness.

In my palette I have creativity, spiritual practices, Yoga, Meditation, Symbolic game and Therapeutic massage, diluted with Compassion, Acceptance and Love.


Art Therapy Integral is a psychological therapy developed by the artist Francesca Cerami. It is based on the relationship between the therapist, the  patient and the artistic object, according with the ArtTheraphy’s psychodynamic approach. It can be complemented with Yoga, Meditation or Thai Therapeutic Massage, when necessary or required.


For a long time I did not see myself as an artist: painting was simply a necessity, a silent dimension of peace. I broke free when I discovered watercolour: I started diving in the artistic process, without any expectation, without desire, I was not looking for a result, I was in the present moment and the images arose naturally on paper, in resonance with my emotions.


Personalized retreats 1:1 in Lanzarote, because each human Being is unique and unrepeatable. You will stay in Kalindi, Tao, a space dedicated to wellness and the development of holistic practices. Two modalities, according with your needs.

Stable, open and free

Artistic Resonance