Art, my breath

For a long time I did not see myself as an artist: creating was my silent space of peace.

I broke free when I discovered watercolour: I started diving deeper into the artistic process, without any expectation, without desire. I was not looking for a result, I was in the present moment and the images arose naturally on paper, in resonance with my emotions.

I do not try to control or change the movement of water on the canvas and I accept what emerges: sometimes my eyes hurt, my heart hurts. Other times beauty surprises me and Love is everywhere. In the creative process, life itself.

In the body the chills, electricity, heat, movement, happiness! I am fully present when I paint.

Diario dei Cieli

The illustrations of Diario dei Cieli are part of an illustration and poetry project, created with my dear friend, writer and therapist Giulia Berra. 

In my poetics I explore different skies as if they were the different nuances of relationships: strident, painful, violent, but also satisfying and sweet. They are part of my story.


Diario dei Cieli I

Diario dei Cieli II

Cartas Ciucc

The Ciucc cards is a project, still under experimentation, by Francesca Cerami, artist and Art Therapist. The name, Ciucc, is the word onomatopoeia for the kiss: every time we name it, we send one. The cards are the integration of the archetypes of the collective unconscious, the tarot, the studies of Propp and my experience as a therapist. They can be played by children or adults and applied for different purposes: recreational, therapeutic or clinical. Soon the whole project will be completed.

The silent book.

First prototypes of silent books: dragon number 1; It is an object created for the child or adult, or both, together. The stories are endless and always different. The images favour a dialogue with the inner world and activate the symbolic game.


“Fly high”

Silent books are used by parents and children and also by pedagogues, psychologists and educators as useful work tools in the relationship. I can create personalized books, observing the needs and resources of the child.