Artistic Resonance

It is a time and space to shape your creative or artistic project.

Artistic Resonance is a personalized retreat dedicated to connect with the Creative source in You. Each Being is unique and unrepeatable as each encounter is. We explore and navigate the unknown and the unexpected with the intention of encouraging Your inner artist.


We will have a Skype call before your arrival, to get to know each other and create your retreat in a personalized way.

We will do at least 4 sessions of Integral Art Therapy (Art Therapy, Therapeutic Massage, Meditation, Yoga, Meditative Path), which we will do in Kalindi or in nature. Each session lasts 60 or 180 minutes. In addition, you will have your own space to develop your personal work.

This individual or group retreat is designed to awaken and value creativity in any form: writing, visual art, sculpture, music, body expression, cooking.


Without looking for anything, reconnect with your «Inner Artist», cultivating an attitude of full presence.

Come and visit me in Lanzarote, fall in love with the powerful energy of the island, which will nourish and encourage your creative spirit to flourish. You will stay in Kalindi, Tao, a space dedicated to wellness and the development of holistic practices. There is a family atmosphere, respectful and welcoming, where a nutritious, vegetarian or vegan breakfast is included and we can also give you the possibility of having a full board. You will choose when and how long to stay (minimum two days) and how to enjoy your time: explore the island, climb volcanoes, dive into the ocean, take flight tests, or also “do nothing”, “look for nothing.” Just stay still and allow yourself to be yourself.


Discover the space where you will stay, a beautiful place located in the heart of Lanzarote. 

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