Integral Art Therapy

Integral is a psychological therapy developed by the artist Francesca Cerami (Artist & Art Therapist). It is based on the relationship between the therapist, the  patient and the artistic object;, according in line with the ArtTheraphy’s psychodynamic approach of Art Therapy. The therapeutic process It can be complemented with Yoga, Meditation or Thai Therapeutic Massage, when necessary or required as appropriate.


The creation arises from the expression, through creative actions, giving a flow of communication between the therapist, the patient and the artistic object.

The work of art is directly connected to an unknown internal world, is the carrier of memories, experiences and allows us to make connections.

The creative process prepares you to receive different levels of experience: perceptions through the body, emotions, memory and logic.


Each human Being is unique and unrepeatable as each encounter is. The paths are based on needs, resources of the person and the context in which they live.

We focus attention on direct experience and feeling, rather than “knowing.” We allow ourselves to experiment and symbolize.

I hold a protected space of creation, without judgements, where you can express yourself freely. Our relationship is based on empathy, trust, deep listening, presence and attention to the here and now.



We observe the created work: it will become a place for reflection, associations, the possibilities of new explorations and transformations.

In this field, what is unthinkable and indescribable can emerge and have life, offering us the opportunity to observe, find answers, trust, clarify, repair, heal, rediscover, love, recognize, to give shape to life and make ourselves free.



Previously developed experiences, for artists, creatives, interested in art, body work, energy healing, awareness and personal development.


A deep personal journey, towards love, compassion, acceptance, using the power of the arts. It combines the technique “Bodytracing” and body massage, to observe, heal and integrate our personal history, without judgements or spectra.


Receive an emotional portrait to discover yourself. Each portrait is, for me, an act of affection, friendship, love towards someone. It requires full presence and empathy: something in you communicates with something in me. We are reflecting and contaminating each other, just like in an alchemical process.



Everything is impermanent and in a state of inexorable transformation. I love to experience it through experience, with the ancient oriental technique «Suminagashi» (Sumi-Ink, Nagashi – floating, in the water). This active meditation leads us to feel calm and emotions for the created.


White paper, for me, is every time a new love: the opportunity to feed and cultivate what is nurturing me.  Whatever your favourite communication code: painting, writing, body expression, the “Ciucc Letters” will stimulate the evolution of  your artistic research.


Art Therapy with children and teenagers

With  children I discovered a magical space, which they can access thanks to their imagination: creativity is like breathing and play is a natural way to experience the world

I want to dedicate a special, safe, protected space, where everyone can feel free to BE, express their personal history, release feelings and frustrations, alleviate anxieties, value and recognize their own potential, finding the confidence to overcome difficulties.


We explore colours, shapes, textures, composition, communication, relationship, through creativity, yoga, meditation, cultivating a full and attentive presence at all times, in the respect of oneself and others. Children with and without disabilities are welcome.


Image gallery

Photo gallery about creations in Art Therapy sessions with children and teenagers.